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Losing weight is not an easy task for most people. This is a fact personal trainers know about themselves and their clients. However, successful personal trainers manage to be in good health by following these tips for losing weight:


  • Commit to improving your health – Only you can make that commitment, but you can partner up with a friend or a personal trainer to motivate you and strengthen that commitment. Partnering up can inspire you to get competitive with your partner in avoiding unhealthy eating, losing weight, and getting into shape.
  • Sweat out – Walk 45 minutes a day. If you are like most sedentary people, 30 minutes of walking is enough to prevent you from gaining weight. If you want to lose weight and fat, exercise for more than 30 minutes.
  • Don’t sit or stand for long at work. – Make sure you don’t sit for longer than 20 minutes without taking a few minutes standing break. Set a timer so you can alternate your work day between sitting and standing. If that’s not possible at your work, it means you have a killer job.
  • Quit junk food – No, diet coke does not cut it. Quit junk food altogether. Like all addictions, addiction to junk food is hard to do but you must do it if you want to lose weight (and avoid a host of diet-related diseases).
  • Eat often, eat less – Eating 5 or 6 smaller (repeat, ‘smaller’) servings of healthful meals a day can help improve your metabolism. Healthy meals means fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, yogurt and other healthy fermented food. If you’re thinking this can lead to a bad-tasting diet, you can actually eat healthy while eating good. Get a healthy cookbook for this. To help you eat less, take note of what you eat in a food diary. Many people who have a food diaries eat 15% less than those who don’t. Common restaurant servings today are actually more than what people need. Serve yourself less and you’ll eat less.
  • Tame Stress – Many people fall for eating as a way to cope up with stress. Why not tame stress by starting a hobby? If you can help it, avoid “killer” jobs.
  • Try safe supplements and vitamins – If you cannot afford getting fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables every day try safe food supplements and vitamins. They may not be your first choice, but they are the next best thing.

Remember, the key to having a beautiful body is healthy discipline—a fact personal trainers learned the hard way. There is no easy way out (‘no-exercise’ gadgets won’t get you there). Remember, wild animals (and manually working people) often have beautiful bodies because their lives are hard. You might not need to be as hard on yourself, but that’s no reason to be too soft either.

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