Tips for Bridesmaid Dress Collocation

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Bridesmaid is another part of beautiful scenery beside the bride on wedding. The dress for bridesmaid should be elegant. The bridesmaids are not a set-off unknown to the guests, but play the most important and elegant role in wedding. The elegant fashion summer graduation evening dresses represents your attention on the bride and wedding.

I. Style Choice for Dress
1. Add Fashion Elements in Dress. To avoid the dress is too formal or too casual; you can add fashion elements which can be added in the details. If you are wearing a fashionable lace with a suit jacket, coat the inside with a small harness alternative, light-colored, with beads and multicolored mosaic, sexy Bra can be.
2. Not Too Short For Dress. The short dress may cause accidental exposure. It is not suitable in outdoor activity.
3. Simple Design for Bridesmaid Dress. The dress should be among evening and casual style. Do not choose long-floor dress as it’s too grand.
4. Dignified Dress. The dress should not be too exposed; otherwise it will grab the bride's thunder.

II. Color
1. Pink Color for Dress Choice. Pink is the necessary color of wedding. Too bright pink may not be a good choice.
2. Take care of color shade. Try to show your mature characteristic in the wedding. The bridesmaid is not child who play games in wedding. Try to be a lady when dressing. If you want to add romantic element, you can choose satin fabric. Groomsmen bridesmaid dress selection on yellow.
3. Bright Yellow, The yellow color is divided in 2 shades: dark yellow and light yellow. Light yellow can match chiffon, or gauze fabric, which makes you a sense of light and elegant.
4. Golden+ Yellow
The details will show its gorgeous taste. A large area of yellow to use, and dotted with moderate gold as embellishment; or you can wear gold jewelry to achieve the same effect.
5. Yellow + White
Fresh and lively STYLE - You can use two layers of white and yellow chiffon, or add white shawl on yellow dress.
6. Green
Dark green is suitable for fashion summer dresses & underskirt. The strapless dark green dress combine elegance and sexy, thus takes green into ultimate effect. It’s also widely used in spring.

III. Accessories
1. No Accessories On bridesmaid's Head. If the bride wears long white yarn, you should wear white dress. It should better wear similar dress with bridesmaid.
2. No Lipstick for Bridesmaids. No make up to set off the bride.
3. No jewelry on the body. The bridesmaid should not have an eye-catching on herself. You should better wear white scarf around neck to highlight your own characteristics.
IV. Dress Collocation with body figure
1. Petite Bridesmaids: suitable for high-waist line type. Chiffon fabric can represent bridesmaid’s personality. The cake dress will make up for your thin body.
2. Shapely Bridesmaids: can select the dress according to face shape. The dress styles are unrestricted for shapely bridesmaids.
3. Straight-body Bridesmaids: suitable for dress with shoulder pad. The pad enhances the design for shoulder, and ruffled dress will add your body curve.
4. Voluptuous Bridesmaids: Simple A-line dress is perfect for your type. The dress hemline should not be too big.

V. Dress Collocation with face shape
1. Square-face Bridesmaids: wearing round-neck dress will be better.
2. Inverted-triangle face bridesmaids: also wearing round-neck dress will be better.
3. Round-face bridesmaids: more suitable for V-neck dress. Central-parting hair will elongate the face and soften your facial line.
4. Long-face bridesmaids: wearing round collar or horizontal collar will soften your facial line.

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