Tipping your servers at a restaurant: the Dos and Don'ts

  Anna  Paquin     July 14, 2021    9


When we visit a restaurant for a meal or to celebrate a special occasion, the staff, especially the servers and waiters clad in their elegant server aprons and waist aprons, go out of there way to make us feel welcomed and special, and to give us a memorable experience at the restaurant. 

When dining out, it is customary to tip your server or waiter before leaving the restaurant. Sometimes it may be a difficult decision as to whether you should top or not, how much you should give etc, creating some awkwardness with your server when you finish your meals and are leaving. The fact is, your tip should reflect the service given by your server or waiter. 

So, here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to tipping your servers.

  • Be generous – Be generous in your tipping. Usually 15-20% of your total bill is an accepted amount. However, if you are short on funds a small gift or a thank you card will be a nice gesture to show yor appreciation, at least until your financial situation improves.

  • Tipping is not optional – Most people who work in restaurants etc rely on the tips they make for additional income; hence it is a nice and sincere gesture to tip your server for the service they have given.

  • Tip according to service – The amount of your tip should depend on the type of service they provided, whether they went above and beyond their duty to make your experience memorable.

There are certain times when you should not tip the sever, for example, if your server is also the owner of the café or restaurant (which can happen in some cases). Some restaurants may also have their own rules and regulations regarding tipping; hence it may be a good idea to check if the tip is already included in the bill. 


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