Things To Remember Before You Jet Set To Phuket, Thailand

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You have booked yourself a room in one of the Phuket 5 star Hotels or looked into Apartment Rentals Phuket or Villa Rentals Phuket. Before you leave, make sure you have all the necessary knowledge of your destination. There may be some factors about Thailand and Phuket you might not know or have not considered that may prove to be quite important on the journey and during your stay.

Important things to remember:

·         Entry Requirements: Check the visa requirements for your nationality in advance, you may need to apply for a visa at a local Thai Embassy or Consulate.

·         Vaccinations: Travelers may need vaccinations in advance of departure.

·         Money: The local currency in Phuket is the Baht, there are plenty of ATMs and banks to withdraw or convert money.

·         Make your entire trip much easier by organising Villa Rentals Phuket or Thailand Long Term Rentals in advance to ensure a relaxing stay in Thailand.

List of things you will benefit from by taking to Phuket, Thailand are:

·         Power Adapter: Electricity in Thailand is 220 volts at 50 Hz. If you come from a country which does not sell devices with such compatibility, a power adapter is worth packing.

·         Directions and Map: Many Apartment Rentals Phuket or Villa Rentals Phuket provide a free airport transfer, however if you need to find your own way, check the location and pick up a free map at the airport.

·         A pen: Shortly before your plane arrives in Bangkok you will be given an entry card to fill in. Save yourself the stress and be prepared in advance.

·         Mosquito Repellent: an essential item to protect from bites.

·         Warm Weather Clothing and Footwear: Phuket is hot all year round whether it is raining or not, so loose breathable garments are the most suitable whatever time of year you visit.

·         Thai Phrasebook: Most Thai people speak some English, but are impressed when visitors know some phrases.

·         Emergency Phone Numbers: make sure you have essential phone numbers to hand.

·         Sun Protection: it is easy to get sun burnt in Phuket, make sure to pack lotion with a high SPF or buy it in Thailand. Alternatively, use clothing to protect your skin, even if it is cloudy you can still get burnt.

Last but not least, some errors you should take care not to make.

·         Always carry your passport, you may be asked to show it.

·         Show respect to the beloved King and the members of the Royal Family by not criticizing them or vandalizing their effigies and standing up and show respect when the National Anthem is played.

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