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There are several people especially women, who tend to carry more weight on the thighs and buttocks. No matter what diet is used losing weight from the thighs always seems very sluggish. Some weight loss may be experienced but it is often lost from other, less problematic places and not from the thigh or buttock area. People feel interested doing exercise for thigh while watching their favorite opera in television. It can motivate to loose weight if someone does exercise in front of television.
Ways to achieve shaped thigh:
There are two main ways to achieve slimmer thighs, burn the fat from all areas and eventually fat will remove from difficult spots or tone and firm the thighs quickly with the best thigh exercise of all done in front of TV. Toning the thighs will help burn some fat indirectly since the best thigh exercise helps raise the metabolism causing extra calories to be burned, if regular aerobic exercise is performed with the best toning thigh exercise results should be seen quickly and no one will feel bored due to television programs. The best exercise for toning the thighs is squats that can be done easily in front of television. If squats are performed moderately they will tone the thighs and butt very rapidly. In fact when a muscle is toned a slight growth occurs in order to continue that growth so the thighs become very large the one needs to perform squats with a progressive increase in the intensity level.
Routine exercise for thigh:
The best routine for slim thighs would be to do squats 3 times per week on alternate days. It can be done while watching television and enjoying. Start off very light by just using the body weight for 2-3 easy sets of 10 repetitions, then slowly build up the resistance over 3-4 weeks. The best aerobic work out to help burn fat from around the thighs would be walking, rowing or any exercise that works the thighs and other main muscles at the same time. The working of the thighs beside with other major muscle groups helps boost the number of calories burned per minute. These exercises are greatest performed at an easy pace for about 20 minutes. Anaerobic exercise like squats could be done on the similar day before any aerobics or done on days in between aerobic workouts.
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