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Start decorating kids bathroom with a neutral base colour. With the variety of matched bath themes, it is easy to create a fun bathroom that is really special for the kids. A theme can spin around anything child loves, whether it is a sport, animals or a favorite colour. It can be flowers, butterflies, astrology, music, dance, history and the list is endless. Let the childs imagination run wild and have fun.
Designing a great bathroom for kids:
Have fun, but do not get too wild. It is easy to go overboard when decorating a child's bathroom, choosing a theme and then doing as per is the best to create a beautiful kids bathroom. Anything done to excess in decor, even decor for kids, will not work. Stick with colour scheme or decor theme. If the bathroom adjoins the bedroom, continue the same colour scheme or theme on through.
Choose theme elements carefully:
When the wallpaper, shower curtain and border all have bright and convincing theme characters, the bathroom can look too demanding. Try a character-driven shower curtain next to a solid painted wall in a balancing colour and maybe a theme border or do the over the top wallpaper with a more subtle shower curtain. Theme toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, towels and fixtures can all add to the combined look but make sure they come in matching colours.
Have fun with the paint:
Allow the child paint a couple of tiles with non-washable paint and then make them into a backsplash behind the sink. Hang two shower curtains on the same rod for a nice gentle fold just like the far more expensive designer curtains and they completely hide that big bunch of toys in the tub. Remember, safety first. A kid's bathroom extremely needs some safety products and happily most of them come in great kid designs. Tub mats in patterns ranging from little sea life figurines to bright green adhesive penguins. Drain and tap covers are also imperative to keep child from banging against metal edges during a bath turning on the hot water. Last, a cover clamp for toilet, also available for childs safety.

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