The US masters golf tournament

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The US Masters Golf Tournament is the best tournament in golf that can happen. It is the best and the major of all 4 championship tournaments that are held every year. This Masters Golf tournament has an old and legendary history that is preserved fiercely. There are some reasons as to why this tournament has been made so popular and prestigious.

The US masters golf in the United States has always been in a tradition since its establishment in 1934. Clifford Roberts has helped design the course along with two others called Bobby Jones and Alister Mackenzie who played the tournament held in Augusta every year. The tournament is an invitation only event when the Augusta club members invite the players in major golf championships.

There is also a symbolic US masters golf tournament played that is most traditional. The winner not only gets the much coveted trophy but also a huge sum as the prize money. He is also given a green jacket which is the official costume of the Augusta National. The winner is also made an honorary member of the golf club. The champion of the previous year assists the new winner in wearing the jacket at the end of the event.  


The winner of the US Masters golf tournament is qualified for 3 major championships and also for the master’s tournament for the whole life. This Masters Golf tournament does not give memberships to females. The club stands resolute towards such rules and never gives out membership to females. There have been protests and debates regarding this issue but it’s of no avail. There are some good traditions of the Masters Golf tournament that adds power and prestige to the golf calendar each year. Winning the Masters is earning the greatest honor for any golfer.

Buying Tickets

Masters golf tournament tickets can be got at an affordable cost. The Masters Golf tickets are available online. You have to put in the best research to find out the best place for getting the Masters Golf tickets. Search on the major search engines and you get authentic websites selling the tickets online. The Masters Golf tickets are available on eBay at a decent pricing. You must learn the auction site rates.

You can get golf tickets from the offline brokers. You can research online and buy your tickets online.Of course buying tickets can sometimes be a daunting task. You can also buy tickets on online auction sites and understand how each site should work. You would know when to bid for the best auction deal and get the ticket. You can also get your hands on a permanent badge so that you do not mess up with things.


The Masters is a major money event and it is also the official money event of the calendar year. The tournament is programmed in the 1st week of April and this is one of the first major events in contrast to the other championships held in the Augusta National Golf Club. The final round of this tournament always falls on the 2nd Sunday of April. The champions are always eligible to play in the other tournaments. The tournament also honors the amateur golfers all over the world.

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