The Top Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know

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According to Digital Marketing Agencies and any Social Media Marketing Agency in Melbourne or elsewhere, it is very important for a business venturing into the world of Digital Marketing to know the terms used in it.

Bounce Rate – This is a term used in Google Analytics to show when a user visits a website but views only one page.

Content Marketing – The creation and distribution of content used in Digital Marketing campaigns.

Conversion – When a visitor to a website takes the desired action such as a sign up, purchase etc.

CPA – Cost Per Acquisition – This is a pricing method used by platforms to charge a business only when a lead, sale or conversion is generated.

CPC – Cost-Per-Click – A pricing method when a business is charged when someone clicks on an ad that leads a user to the business’ website.

CTR – Click-Through-Rate – The percentage of people who click on a link that is in an advertisement, email, etc.

Digital Marketing – Any and all online strategies used to sell products and services.

Impressions – The number of times an ad will appear to a targeted audience.

Keyword – A word or phrase used by an audience to search for a relevant topic on search engines.

KPI – Key Performance Indicator – These are used to review success of marketing campaigns.

Landing Page – A page on a website that is optimised to act as an entry page for visitors.

Link Building – Also known as Back linking. The process of getting external websites to link back to your content.

Marketing Analytics – A data driven approach to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

META Description – The text line that appears on Search Engine Results Pages.

Organic Traffic – Traffic generated to a website through search engines.

Paid Traffic – When a business bids on keywords and create ads around these keywords to be displayed in search engines.

PPC – Pay-Per-Click – These are paid advertisements that are run on Google.

ROI – Return on Investment – The percentage return made on any given investment.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing – A way of getting higher placings in search engines by bidding on keywords.

SEO –Search Engine Optimization – The organic method of getting high rankings in Search Engine Results Pages.

SERP – Search Engine Results Page – List of results provided by a search engine after a user makes a query.

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