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DO something that will brand your website as your site must have an identity that people are aware of. For example choose titles and create logos that will remind users of what your website is about.

DO pay attention to both style and content.Having good quality content on your site is imperative as content is what visitors are usually looking for when they view sites and good content is what is needed if u want your customers to come back.

Style will not stand on its own and canít keep visitors coming back but Styleís purpose is to attract a visitorís attention and draw him to the content. They come because of the style, they stay Ė and come back Ė because of the content.

DONíT waste your visitorsí time. One common trait of web surfers is that they donít want to waste time. For example donít put flash videos on your website which take longer to load than watch. This will make your visitors annoyed and result in them not coming back.

DONíT commit to an update schedule that you canít follow. If you tell them thereís an update every Monday, make sure theyíll find new content on Monday. Keeping to a tight schedule will inspire a feeling of loyalty with visitors.

Itís a very short list of DOs and DONíTs, but the tips mentioned above are important and may be crucial in deciding whether your website will stay online for a long time.

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