The Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Helmets

  Anna  Paquin     August 4, 2021    1061


 As a result, motorcyclists in Sri Lanka are now enjoying ideal weather conditions, searching for tips such as how to choose the right motorcycle tyre, or how to expand the lifespan of a motorbike, in order to have a fantastic journey.

However, pause for a moment and consider your options before hopping on your motorcycle and speeding down the highway. Is it worthwhile to wear a helmet? You may wonder if you really need it if you pride yourself on being a cautious driver. Do helmets genuinely save lives or prevent injuries? Take a look at the pros and cons of wearing a helmet to get the answers to these questions:

Pros – 

  • Laws requiring the use of a motorcycle helmet ensure that you are more protected from potential environmental risks while riding. Because of the enclosed construction of a car, truck, or other large vehicle, you are protected from numerous objects that may come into contact with the vehicle.

  • In an accident, you have a better chance of avoiding harm and death. Motorcycle accidents are extremely dangerous, often resulting in severe injuries, property damage, and even death.

  • If you're under the age of 18 or unqualified, you're avoiding unlawful action. If you are over 21, you may choose not to wear a helmet if you have completed a motorcycle safety class and have motorcycle injury insurance.

Cons – 

  • Putting it on is a pain. One of the most appealing features of a motorcycle is its ease of use: you can hop on your bike and be going down the road in seconds. A helmet, which takes a minute or two to correctly fit and adjust to your head, breaks this thinking.

  • It's not as "cool" as everyone says it is. Motorcycles are frequently connected with concepts such as freedom and risk, which many people find appealing. Helmets, as well as replacing motorcycle tyres in Sri Lanka often, help to dampen these ideas, which are sometimes the sole motivation for people to buy motorcycles.

In the end, the pros significantly exceed the cons. Small compromises may be necessary for your safety, but these sacrifices pale in comparison to the catastrophic consequences of driving without a helmet.

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