The Need To Donate To An NGO

  Ganesh Raj    July 17, 2020    52


NGOs or non-governmental organizations are founded with the purpose of helping people in need. Various areas of needs are identified in the society and an individual or a group of founding members choose to do something about responding to that specific need. NGOs do not operate with any commercial intentions. They do not work keeping any profit or personal gains in mind; rather service to the humankind is at the heart of all their operations. Here are few important reasons why one needs to donate to an NGO.

To start with, for any organization to operate, funding is important. The founding member or members could take care of the funding by contributing from their personal wealth but that will not take the organization very far. For an NGO to continue operating, continued funding is required. This is where you could chip in and support. You do not have to shoulder the entire burden but contribute whatever you could within your capacity, donate online to NGO and help them continue their good work.

Secondly, as a member of this society, it is each one’s responsibility to help and support the society in which we are living. However, all of us have our own needs to address and may not have the time and money to do what we would like to do to support the people in need and to improve the quality of life of people around us. By joining hands with an NGO, you will be able to fulfil your social responsibility and at the same time not have to turn your back against your own personal commitments and needs. When more people like you donate and support the various social causes undertaken by the NGOs, these organizations will be able to perpetuate their good work.

Thirdly, if you try to do it all by yourself and give money directly to the poor or teach a few poor kids, you will be able to have only a limited reach. Moreover, when you donate money to the poor directly, you may not able to discern whether the money is going to the most deserving person. On the other hand, NGOs have their own stringent screening systems in place to ensure that the funds reach the right people. No matter how little you donate, it will have the maximum impact possible. So when you want to do something good try to do it through an NGO.

Fourthly, NGOs cannot achieve everything that they want to achieve through money. For example, an NGO working in the realm of eye donation will not be able to give sight to people unless and until there are enough to people to donate eyes after their life. This requires a lot of efforts in the direction of awareness creation. This of course requires adequate funding. When you donate eyes, you would have helped just two people gain sight. On the other hand, along with donating eyes, if you also donate to NGO online, you would also support their awareness creation efforts and get more people to donate eyes and hence more people would benefit.

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