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The Gift of Paper Scrapbooking

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Since time immemorial scrapbooks are created out of papers-the most versatile material one could use in many ways. Truth is, scrapbooks are not possible without them. Every print from old to modern age has been built around exploiting the use of paper. Needless to say, paper scrapbooking still evolves today.

No matter how complicated the process of scrapbooks turn out, papers are out of question as main material. Stores now offer pre-maid paper, which can be bought and compiled based on personal taste. But is this satisfactory enough?

Making use of recycled paper for scrapbooking:

Sentimental scrapbook collectors are not always satisfied by commercially available layouts found in stores. They would still prefer doing their own cut out from old magazines for a treasure surprise they can by combining different images they prefer. This is not all about saving money but it is all about making use of art talent and skill. Yes, scrapbooking is also an art in itself.


There are different kinds of papers used by magazine publishers. Usually vogue images are printed in sturdy, glossy pages. It takes an eye to spot good magazines fit for use in scrapbooking. Sometimes you will not know how priceless piles of magazines can do for an effective scrapbook. If you are collecting stuff for serious scrapbooking, there has to be different photography on them.

Do not stick on just specific publishing, but rather, collect various kinds with different colors, motifs and articles accompanying good shots. Expensive magazines are more likely qualified to suit your needs. Be wary in throwing them away. If you don't want to file too much bulk in storages, you can cut out pictures at once and throw away or sell the unused old pages to junk paper buyers.


If you have a hardbound scrapbook, you can at once assemble your layout. You can plan it beforehand by starting with the theme played on a specific color scheme.

Remember the proper elements of good design. It takes understanding the color wheel to know what it takes in having the confidence of combining colors. A good tip is to look at different fabrics.

Choose a favorite one and try to apply it to your scrapbook theme. Fabrics had been pre-designed by manufacturers before releasing them to the market. It means the colors are already in the right combination. This could inspire you and help you in case you do not have the flair with colors. Consider repetition of patterns, rhythm, harmony and sense of emphasis.


How long do you want to preserve the scrapbook? Papers last long, but it will depend on its make. There are papers that can attract specific insects and do different changes to the scrapbook pages. If you can stretch out a budget, it is best to keep pages covered by plastic bounds.

Several kinds are available commercially, which you can buy even during the pre-design stage planning. Use synthetic glues and not those made out of organic materials. Keep the scrapbook in a box or drawer free from dusts and make sure not to expose it to moist and damp places. If brought outdoors, do not expose for long to sunlight. Keep it away from children's reach.

Paper scrapbooking is a very rewarding hobby. If you make good ones, you can even give it away as a gift to a loved one. It will be appreciated more!
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