The essentials of an Alaska cruise vacation

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If you are up to an exhilarating adventure and a nature tour to one of Earth's unspoiled paradises, then you should be considering taking an Alaska cruise vacation.
Aside from giving you a new perspective of the other side of the world with splendid glaciers, an Alaska cruise vacation will also open an opportunity for you to see and appreciate wildlife—both marine and land, wilderness and forests, mountains and meadows as well as unique attractions and its rich culture.


Planning an Alaska cruise vacation can be quite complicated especially for first time cruisers, here's a list of things that you should consider.

1. Time. Since you are not familiar with the country, it is best to know when is the best time to cruise Alaska so you can enjoy almost everything it has to offer. It is said that Alaska cruise season begins in May and ends in September because these are the times when there are good and consistent weather condition.

2. Cruise line. Knowing the cruise lines that sail to Alaska will help you concretize your plan because it will give you a rough estimate of how much you need prepare and what are the amenities you can expect.

Some of the most popular cruise lines like Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Cruise West, Crystal Cruises, Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises and Royal Caribbean International offers Alaska cruise vacations. If you are interested in cruising aboard in any of these cruise lines, make sure that you conduct a research so you can compare each of them and come up with a cruise line fit for your needs and budget.

3. Size of ship. There are basically two types or size of ship in an Alaska cruise vacation—the big ship and the small ship. Usually, people—especially first time cruisers—are advised to take big ships because it can provide almost everything they need.

But, today, more and more people prefer cruising using a small ship because it provides an up close look at Alaska. Traveling in small ships is also preferred because it involves greater itinerary.

4. Length of the cruise vacation. Usually, Alaska cruise vacations range from 6 to 30 days depending on how much the cruiser would want to do and see and the time and money he/she would want to spend. The most basic length of time spent in an Alaska cruise vacation is from 6 to 7 days which include a tour of Alaska's Inside Passage Cruises or a roundtrip from Seattle or Vancouver and a 6 to 7-night glacier cruises sailing south from Anchorage or North from Vancouver.

It is advisable to take the 6 to 7-day Alaska cruise vacation for first timers so they wouldn’t get bored with the long hours of tripping. If they would want enjoy other attractions, they can always extend their vacation by informing their cruise agent.

5. Weather and climate. Since Alaska is located near the North Pole, it is expected that the weather is cold and the climate is quite unpredictable. If you cannot tolerate cold weathers and unpredictable climate makes you sick easily, then you should reconsider your plans because you might not enjoy the cruise vacation.

But if you still insist, it is a must to pack wisely so you will have everything you need in case there's an emergency.
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