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Alaska is a great tourist destination which is very evident in miles of unspoiled scenery, acres of natural parks and monuments, vast coastlines dotted with glaciers, and great mountains and forest lakes. Tourism in the state is a billion dollar industry with visitors coming from not just across America but also from around the globe. And one of the more recent and vastly becoming popular Alaskan tourist attraction are cruise travel tours being offered along the Gulf of Alaska.

These cruise ship tours offer a lot of side adventure trips too like land excursions which brings vacationers to the acres and acres of natural parks, preserves, historical parks and monuments. Other trips provided by cruise packages include fishing expeditions, whale watching trips, and other outdoor or adventure pleasure trips.

When visiting Alaska, you could choose from taking the northbound or southbound cruise route. Cruise ships travel both ways and each way has their own advantages. You're the one who will decide which ship to board. If you want to visit the interior of Alaska then the southbound route is the best. On the hand, the northbound route normally has a little cheaper rate than those of the southbound cruise lines.

Among the cruise ships that sail the Gulf of Alaska includes the Princess, Holland America, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean cruise lines. Most of them offer great packages with affordable seasonal rates. The 2-for-1 rates appear to be the best deal in the market nowadays. Also, giving discounts and special offers for families and children seems to be the norm.

On the other hand, for a rather upscale cruise enjoyment, one could call and reserve in advance slots in a variety of luxury lines like in Radisson Seven Seas, and Seabourn. These ships redefine the meaning of luxury. Although, rates of these luxury ships are often times pretty steep since the number of guests are only limited. Getting an advance booking on these cruise ships require months of calling and reserving a room or two aboard these cruise ships.

When you decide to go to Alaska, it would be best to employ the services of a good travel agent. Travel agencies that specialize in cruises particularly Alaskan cruises and tours are the best authorities in this area. Make sure that these agents have been aboard the cruise ships and have taken the cruise and tours themselves. Their personal and first-hand experiences might be very useful considerations when you make your decisions. .

Probably the best time to pay the Alaskan wilderness a visit is during from the early days of May until the first or second week of September. A lot of discounts and cheaper fares lure hundreds of tourists in Alaska during these months. Cruises and tours usually last for days. Your whole vacation trip can result to a week or even up to a three week travel streak. You get to enjoy watching glaciers, the vast Alaskan forest and wildlife reserves and the mountains.

More often than not it's really worth it to go to a travel agent than making preparations on your own especially if it is your first time going to Alaska. Even if arranging your travels with an agent costs a little more outright, it might be more cost efficient in the long run since the expertise of these agents will help you decide quicker on a lot of complex travel options. Most of these agents, especially the good ones, have access to all the really good stuff.

They have exclusive passes and can offer a lot of freebies discounts especially for group or family reservations. Part of the agent's responsibility is to inform you of flight or other travel information or changes. They will check on you every now and then just to make sure that everything is going as planned. Agents are good ways to simplify your vacation. Through the help of agents you'll be more focused on enjoying your vacation instead of planning for the next day's activities.
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