The Best Hiking and Trekking Trails in Sri Lanka

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You’ll be missing out on an abundance of fun during your Sri Lanka holidays if you miss experiencing the hiking and trekking trails. A very special hiking destination is Sri Lanka. For any kind of experience, there are trails, from simple walks to more intense treks. There are also over 400 waterfalls in Sri Lanka, a visit to which is included in several hikes.

Ella rock

Ella Rock is a day hike in the highlands, about 1000 meters above sea level, from Ella city. To stop the traffic and the rain that normally falls in the afternoons, it's best to leave your hotel or guesthouse early in the morning. You may have a street dog up to the top chasing you!

Knuckles range

In the Central Highlands, between the Kandy and Matale areas, the Knuckles Range is situated. Owing to their appearance from some vantage points, the mountains are called 'knuckles'. For both styles of hikers, the Knuckles Range has lots of choices. One choice is to go to one of the lowest peaks on a day hike, have lunch at the top and go back a different route.

Another is to fly to Meemure on a three-day, two-night expedition. There are several other trails, aside from those classic routes, that can be explored with Rapid Adventures. One of the most interesting features about the Knuckles Range is that all forms of habitats, including abrupt variations in weather and temperature, can be encountered by hikers.


The most remote village in Sri Lanka is Meemure. An adventure to Meemure is an unforgettable journey during family tours in Sri Lanka. For seasoned climbers, hikes of longer than two days are simpler. Go to the Knuckles Range to get to Meemure and take a trail from there. The key draw is the pointy peak towering above the village on a one-day walk or three-day expedition.

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