The Benefits of PVC Plantation Shutters

  Emma Lopez    February 23, 2020    502


Since PVC is resistant to moisture and humidity, you can certainly purchase PVC plantation shutters in Sydney for those ‘wet areas’ from poolsides to kitchens, laundry rooms and even if you prefer to leave your windows open and there’s a possibility of rain. Don’t forget that each blade of the PVC plantation shutter is reinforced with an aluminum core to make sure you’ll never have to worry about the long-lasting material warping, cracking, peeling or fading under the hot sun!

A benefit of opting to purchase PVC plantation shutters in Sydney is that cleaning your shutters is simple, uncomplicated and an absolute breeze! How do you get started? Dust collected on your PVC plantation shutters can be very easily dusted off after tilting the louvres of the shutters to all be in open in one direction. Once that’s done, using a soft cloth, feather duster, dust mitt or even a vacuum cleaner clean each louvre individually - this is actually a lot easier than it sounds and can be done relatively fast! Once you’ve taken care of one side, flip the louvres to lie in the other direction and follow the same steps. By doing this regularly you can easily remove a significant build-up of dust and avoid any damage being caused.

If you choose to deep-clean, you can always do so by wiping the louvres with a damp cloth that had been soaked in a mixture of water and liquid soap (avoid cleaning products that contain abrasive elements, wring it out and then wipe the louvres individually! With regular maintenance, you’ll be able to make these durable blinds last the test of time making purchasing PVC plantation shutters in Sydney one of the best decisions you’ll make!

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