The Advantages of Magnetic BTU Meters

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Magnetic BTU meters provide numerous benefits due to their versatility across a broad range of applications. Magnetic BTU meters are vital where accuracy is paramount and can be used successfully to measure hot or cold water energy in a variety of heating/cooling systems. Typically, these systems consist of three parts: an electromagnetic flow sensor, a pair of temperature sensors and a main unit. The main unit is a powerful console which combines high accuracy measurement, temperature measurement and BTU calculation.

Magnetic flow sensors operate on the proven principles of the Faraday Law, and measure flow volume of the medium within a closed pipeline. Usually powered by a microprocessor and integrated circuitry, electromagnetic flow sensors provide reliable performance, accuracy, and trouble free performance over many years. The digital signal processing enables a wide measuring range while easy to read LCD screens makes readings fast and accurate.

Today's electromagnetic BTU meters offer the highest degree of billing-grade performance (up to 0.5% accuracy for flow, 0.15°F (0.08°C) for differential temperature), and are the ideal choice for a broad range of applications including HVAC, heating/cooling energy production, energy transfer, building management, university facility management, district heating and cooling, geothermal or solar hot water system monitoring.

Because accuracy is critical, the temperature sensors of these systems are typically are factory paired and calibrated to achieve better than 0.1°F (0.5°C) accuracy for temperature difference measurement. BTU calculations are in accordance with EN1434 heat meter standard and formulas have been carefully implemented in the microprocessor to virtually eliminate errors.

Today's magnetic BTYU meters also offer various output options including 4-20mA, dry contact, RS485/ Modbus, BACnet, LonWorks, wireless and more, and can also be easily integrated with BMS building automation systems and PLC units.

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