Thailand Marriage Laws

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What is marriage law? Why should you know about this thing? Before getting involved in marriages, you must know first the law of marriage. In case you would like to be married in Thailand, then Thailand marriage laws are the laws that you must know. In this article, you will know more about the Thailand marriage laws.

Marriage laws mean having all the requirements for the marriage in order to determine if the marriage is valid or not. Different countries have different laws for marriage. However, in Thailand, the law for couples is that they should be married in the church or should follow religious ceremonies. Bear in mind that ceremonies are not enough because there must be legal documents in order for you to be registered. It is important that all the documents are translated into Thai language for the sake of understanding of all sides.

Being an alien to the country might affect your marriage because there is a law in Thailand that aliens are not allowed to marry their people unless when they submit their passports and proofs from the Government Organization about your marital status. They must also be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make sure that everything will be on the right track.

Marriage means starting a new life. Well, you can't start you new life if you have previous problems, so before you get married in Thailand, you should first close or pay all your previous debts and fix all your present and previous problems. Then after that, show documents about your work and your salary. All these aspects are very important in marriage, so you need to abide by the law and submit the necessary requirements.

Lastly, when you have already completed all the requirements, you can already pursue your marriage plans. However, make sure that both of you are on legal marriage age, which is seventeen years of age, and with legal documents as proof. Marrying your siblings is not allowed, even if your brother or sister is adopted and even if both of you are adopted children and only know each other because of the same person who adopted you. Having the same parent even if you are adopted is considered incest. And the most important thing is that, both of you should not have a spouse if you want to be married to someone else because this is considered adultery.

Different countries have different laws when it comes to marriage, and Thailand has their own laws that must be followed when you want to have a marriage in their country. Following all the laws, rules and regulations is a must to prevent problems and to conduct your marriage successfully and legally.

These are just some of the things you need to bear in mind if you are planning to get married in Thailand. So, start making a move now to comply with them. Bear in mind that ignorance of the law excuses no one, so you need to be very careful with your moves in order to get married in Thailand happily.

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