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As teens, junk foods mostly rule the food game. More often than not, teens would rather go for that bag of chips than that healthy plate of green salad. Moreover, it generally does not help that the availability of these types of food seems to be everywhere, so teens need not to go far and wide just to get a hold of them. It is considered as a contributor to the rising cases of obesity amongst teens.  As the famous saying goes, “You are what you eat”, teens need to watch their intake. There needs to be a change in ones habits on eating. Don’t get me wrong, there is no need to skip meals, you have to eat. You just need to alter some choices you usually have on food. Here are some tips for an effective weight loss diet for teens.


·         Understand your body. Know what foods your body need and how much of it you need daily. This ensures that you’re getting the proper nutrition. As stated above, you need to eat, just at the right amounts.

·         Opt for Water. You need about 8 glasses of water every day. Water also keeps your metabolism running at its best. Drink water instead of sodas, juices and all those other drinks that contain calories and harmful additives.

·         Avoid Fast Foods as often as you can. Experts’ suggest that fast foods are laden with unhealthy and fatty foods that majorly contributes to adding those pounds instead of shredding them.

·         Snack on Fruits and Vegetables. Instead of those calorie loaded chips, grab a banana or apple for snacks. Fruits and Veggies are highly recommended by health experts as an alternative to junk foods.

·         Avoid eating while distracted. Munching on a bag of chips while watching tv, or talking to a friend distracts us from eating. Eating while distracted or mindless eating as some refer it to, distracts our brain when our body tells us it is full. So we tend to keep eating and eating, we don’t notice that we are already full. So eat when you eat, avoid mindlessly stuffing mouths with food when you are doing something else.

·         Everything in moderation. Again, you need to eat, and there is nothing wrong with reaching for that cake or grabbing a burger but everything should be in moderation. You can set up a cheat day once in awhile to eat those favorites of yours. But do it in small portions. Going back to number one, consider which amount is little, enough and too much for that food group.

·         Get help. Most important of all, its best for teens to talk to their parents about weight loss issues. This avoids the risk of crash dieting and other dangerous diets that can do more harm than good to teens. Together with their parents, teens can ask help from experts that know what is best. In addition, parents and family is a great source of support that can fuel motivation and inspiration to achieve weight loss.

To lose weight, one needs to start within themselves. Break bad habits and start on the good ones. A good diet is a great way to start shedding those unwanted pounds.

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