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Once you have decided that you are going to get tattooed then you need to be extremely careful about the safety measures. To get a safe and risk-free tattoo you need to be careful about many communicable diseases like hepatitis, tetanus, and even HIV infections.

When you get to the studio for getting tattooed then check out the studio in order to make sure that the shop furnishings and the Tattoo Artists are clean and orderly in appearance. After all it is all about hygiene.

You should clear your doubts by getting information from the Tattoo Artist about the following...
  • Whether he thoroughly washes his hands with antibacterial solution immediately before and after each tattoo application?
  • Whether he pours a new ink supply into a new disposable container.
  • Whether he wears new latex gloves before the tattooing procedure or not?
  • Whether he uses single service materials and equipments for each individual?
  • Whether he sets up and opens the instruments in front of the client like the needle and tube set, which is individually packaged, dated and sealed?
  • Whether he has an FDA-regulated autoclave on site and sterilizes the autoclave?
  • Whether he uses sterile disposable needles?
  • Whether he sanitizes his workspace with an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)-approved veridical disinfectant?
  • Whether he thoroughly rinses tube and the needle set from tattoo machine using an ultrasonic tank before discarding?
  • Whether he properly disposes off the contaminated materials?

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