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Tabletop water fountains offer serenity and tranquility; the waterfall sound creates a peaceful environment and a beautiful focal point. There are so many types of tabletop fountains available in the market made of different kinds of material. It is a difficult task when it comes to choosing the tabletop fountains. There are table fountains for both indoors and outdoors. The tabletop fountains would add the magic of water flow in ones home, office, entryway, bedside, or desk. The tabletop fountains are made of ceramic, copper, glass, slate, crystal, and semi-precious stone and acrylic or fiberglass. The miniature tabletop fountains along with cardholders and penholders would be a wonderful gift for best employ awards and or award function. Many manufacturers customise the table fountains as per the requirement of the customer. The table fountain would also make wonderful gifts.

Types of Table Fountains

There are tabletop fountains that can be used only indoors and ones that can be placed outdoors as well as indoor. Always make sure to the go for one, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

1. Driftwood and Copper Tabletop Fountain

The driftwood used in this tabletop fountain is natural, so each fountain will be unique in its make. This table fountain incorporates a piece of driftwood along with copper leaves. The recirculating pump has water speed adjustable facility.

2. Stone Mosaic Fountains

The stone mosaic fountains are semi-precious crystal and natural stone. These fountains would make a gorgeous and wonderful water fountains that would lend a unique presence and beauty to one’s office, home or outdoor garden. The beauty of the water fountain fillers harmoniously blends with the flowing water. Each of these fountains has a rolling ball that makes it very much exquisite. The stones that are commonly used are marble, granite, Dorado, grey onyx, golden fossil stone, and so on.

3. Aqua Designed Table Fountains

The aqua designed water fountains are carved from single blocks of precious gemstone. One of the popular designs is Aqua Sphere rolling ball. This fountain is illuminated from within. This displays the illuminated rolling crystal balls that dance on an invisible layer of softly surging water. Rolling ball tabletop fountains in amethyst, crystal, and rose quartz are a rare. These water fountains bring light, sound, water, and precious gemstones together in a constantly changing interplay.

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