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For the arthritis sufferer, swimming is the ideal form of exercise. Swimming is an aerobic exercise that also improves physical endurance. To put it succinctly, swimming allows a full range of motions in joints that are primarily affected in arthritis. Swimming also confers other allied benefits like better cardiovascular strength, and superior muscle coordination in arthritis patients. The upshot is that an arthritis sufferer is able to reap a slew of benefits by the simple act of treading water. The buoyancy of the water allows an arthritis sufferer to freely utilize all the joints that may be resistant to complete usage on land. The buoyancy of the water allows the arthritis sufferer to exercise in weightless conditions that donít impact painful joints and bones.

Swim away arthritic aches

The best aspect of swimming is that it is a lifetime sport, a full body exercise that inadvertently tackles different pain origin sites of arthritis. Swimming is a low-impact, moderate, some claim even relaxing, exercise that can beneficial for arthritis patients. Especially warm water swimming is recommended for arthritis patients because it has been scientifically proved that it eases joint pain and relaxes sore muscles. Though warm water is more conducive to reducing arthritis pain, the stark truth is that even cold water swimming confers similar benefits. Variously known as hydrotherapy, aquatic therapy or water workouts, swimming for arthritis patients is a salutary physical activity. Many arthritis patients who may encounter problems exercising on land are perfectly comfortable in the buoyant conditions of a swimming pool.

Benefits of aquatic therapy

Aquatic therapy is one of the best forms of exercise for the chronic arthritis sufferer. For the duration of the swim, the aching joints and muscles are in a state of suspension, and the arthritis sufferer finds temporary alleviation from the constant pain that is a trademark of arthritis. Swimming not only provides transitory relief from the nagging pain that is the characteristic of arthritis, it also permits a full range of motion in joints and muscles that are normally stiff. This means incredible strengthening workouts that arrest further atrophy of essential muscle groups. Swimming has proved to be extremely advantageous for arthritis patients and is now regularly recommended by physicians to combat arthritis pain and joint and muscle disuse.
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