Surrogate Mother A Women of Strong Heart

  Sanjay Gupta    December 3, 2013    1101


Considering to the needs of those who cannot conceive a child, commonly called as infertile couples a very effective way to treat this problem is the surrogacy method. During this method a female (Surrogate Mother) agrees to deliver the baby for infertile couple. She carries pregnancy to terms. We will talk more about surrogate mother in the later paragraph. Firstly we need to understand how this procedure of surrogacy works.

This method is pretty much sorted and an uncomplicated one. After an appropriate Surrogate Mother India has been found. The process of surrogacy will begin. The intended parent’s sperm (male’s sperm) and egg (female’s egg) will be collected. Both of these will be left to fertilize in a laboratory setting. In cases where the male’s sperm or female’s egg cannot be collected because of some medical reasons a donor can be used in such cases. After fertilization occurs an embryo is formed, as a result of fertilization. The formed embryo is then transferred inside the surrogate’s body. And from this very time she starts nourishing the baby in her womb.

Let’s know about Surrogate Mother India now, brining happiness in lives of many she takes pride in doing this divine deed.  She surely has a big and strong heart that even after been aware of the fact that  once the child is born she has to give the parenting rights of it to the intended parents and detach herself from it despite the bond of nine months that she has formed she still goes ahead with this procedure.

Surrogate Mother is one of a kind women, she has brought even more dignity to the names of females. But there are certain conditions that determine the facts for been a suitable surrogate. First and foremost is that she should willingly come forward for this cause and should agree on the conditions mentioned by the intended ones, she should be immune from any kind of diseases or physical disability, should enjoy the course of pregnancy and should not be addicted to smoking, alcohol abuse or any other forms of drugs.

There are two ways of how surrogacy is performed. One is the traditional method and the other is gestational method. Both of these methods have their individual relevance and are equally effective. Just one advantage that gestational surrogacy has over traditional surrogacy is that through gestational method intended parents will have a baby that will belong to their very own gens.

 So all in all it can be said that surrogacy will be as effective method for infertility as ever.

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