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  vikas gaur    August 7, 2011    1347 is an international Job Portal brand new but with a totally different concept! You can call it a Job centre Plus! They have really outdone themselves. You can look for vacancies worldwide by keywords from online jobs for teenagers, online tutoring jobs to online typing jobs or just about anything. The very much better option is that when you sign-up as a Job Seeker you can create, which they call TITLE. You write a simple eye-catching text and voila! it will be visible in the result page. The cooler or more eye-catching your title is the more people will click on it and more Job offers you get.

The Cyberspace is expanding so straightaway that slews of new ideas are forthcoming continuously onto the activity. Late a rattling newsworthy construct was industrial to substance individuals, no thing in which line of the grouping you are, a job intelligent conjugation absolutely inexact. And this is not righteous a "Sign-up ". It activity in the way, that you till and create your salience as spellbinding as you can so companies can gain you! You can get anything from online jobs for teenagers to online writing jobs around the humankind! By creating your salience be reliable to begin worthy keywords and create a elfin book in the "Header" box, which present eventually be seen in the conclusion diplomat when someone is hunt for you.

These are the standard types of using Utor.

But you can also get some very fast money here! Just sign-up as a Job Seeker and write in your Title something you can do for money. These legit online jobs make it easy to get a few bucks extra a month.

You could:

- I'll write 10 comments on your youtube video for 5 $ (just an example)

- i can announce your site at my fan-base for $$

- We clean your apartment for $$$

- or anything that comes to your mind.

 WIth this concept you could get quite an incoming if placing some ads like these. Imagine how many would like comments on their Youtube videos to go viral?

The most amazing thing is that the site is absolutely free in everything. You can find job centre vacancies just like in any other job center. So you are pretty lucky to be reading this if it has not rocketed off yet.

Hope this helps. Here are some video links about it on youtube:

9 different things at Utor

Leaked Utor Video

Visit Utor's site.


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