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A stool is a simple single seat without a back or arms supported on legs or a pedestal. It is essential to provide the needs of the child. Children’s bathrooms have comparatively smaller space than other bathroom. To organize the bathroom all the accessories should be kept in shelves. To reach them the kid requires a stool because they have tiny hands. The stools have durable construction with fun colours and portability. They make the child to feel more comfortable. A step stool provides two spacious steps for the child.

Children’s stool

A kids stool should be sturdy, and light in weight. Children use small stools which are very convenient for them. Children’s stools are small in size and have very attractive to look. So the kids love to use them. Stools are used more often. It is necessary to clean them regularly as they may contain many germs and bacteria. The height of the stool should match with the height of the child. They should not too heavy and easily usable by the kids. Children’s stools have very funny pictures and cartoons or a good outline. They are child friendly. The stools which are perforated allow the water to drain. Children’s stools have funky colours and light colours like light blue, mud colour and other such colours.

Kinds of stools

There are varieties of stools starting from very short to very tall ones. Stools have various forms and made from numerous materials like polished aluminum, stainless steel anodized aluminum, metal, foam, wood and plastic. The materials used depend on the design. They have many kinds of shapes, sizes, and colour.

Use of stools

Short stools are used for low tables and tall stools are used near high standing tables. In a kids bathroom step stoops are used to reach the bath tub and sink to wash their hands, brush their teeth. They are easy to carry and can be moved easily from one place to other. These stools can be used for seating purpose. Other than bathroom the stools can be used in places like garden, living room and other such places.
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