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First of all. Truly I need to state this and in case you're perusing this article it might be past the point of no return however... Continuously CREATE A BACKUP!!! Continuously, regardless of how little you think the update wordpress is that you're doing, make a reinforcement of your whole site before rolling out any improvements.

No one can tell how the different modules will interface with each other and what is by all accounts a straightforward update can take your whole site disconnected. So suppose that you don't have reinforcement, or you need to investigate different choices before doing a total site re-establish. Here's the place to begin.

Make note of the updates you just introduced. Ordinarily subsequent to doing updates to your site you will have a rundown or synopsis of the updates that were simply finished. Regardless of whether you go past this page you can ordinarily utilize your programs back catch to get to the rundown and see every one of the updates that you've introduced. Make note of them.

Try not to PANIC! More difficult than one might expect right? I understand this is troublesome but at the same time it's imperative to hold up until your underlying frenzy reaction dies down. That minute you understand your site (or more awful your customers site in case you're chipping away at another person's site) never again stacks.

During this underlying period your cerebrum is in a frenzy state and won't ponder how to determine the circumstance along these lines, get up, have a glass of water and let the frenzy die down.

First check in the event that you can in any case get to your back end WordPress administrator zone. On the off chance that this is as yet open you're fit as a fiddle, basically login and incapacitate any modules you just refreshed individually. After you impair every one, have a go at perusing your site again to check whether it's fixed. If not, proceed onward the following one.

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