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Exercise makes the body stronger, fitter and more flexible. It protects the heart and bones, keeps the weight at an ideal level, helps reduce stress and makes feel good. It also reduces the risk of a variety of illnesses including diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Experts recommend that everybody exercise for at least 30 minutes, five days of the week. But due to busy schedule and lack of interest people try to avoid doing this. For simple solution if people start doing exercise at home in front of television set it will be more interesting. It can be a motivation, as people will not miss their favorite opera on television while doing exercise. The person will know this is actually doing enough when someone feels that the breathing a little bit harder and faster and the pulse will be faster than usual. So this solves the excuse of not doing exercise at home.
Simple exercise makes a difference:
It does not have to be the gym to work out. Walking, cycling, swimming and running are all effortless, easy to get to and suitable ways to get a daily dose of exercise and with entertainment of television in front. It does not matter what one does or where to do exercise, activity on a regular basis is what’s important. Pick something that some one enjoys doing at the time of exercise like watching television can make it much easy to do difficult exercise at home.
Three types of exercise:
Aerobic, also known as cardiovascular is used to build fitness and endurance and improve the incorporation of oxygen by the lungs and its delivery around the body by the heart and flow. Running, rowing and cycling are examples of aerobic exercise that can be done at home in front of television set. Anaerobic is used to make strength. Exercises are performed against resistance, like weightlifting. Stretching is very important for developing the flexibility that protects muscles from damage. Always warm up by doing five to ten minutes of light aerobic exercise, like running on the spot. Once the muscles are warmed up, do stretching for about five minutes. Then perform the chosen exercise. Cool down by doing light aerobic exercise again for five to ten minutes and performing a few stretches. Drink water to replace any lost during the workout.
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