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The use of the jump rope cries off as people get older and start doing spot jumping. The jumping action can be hard on the knees and hips. However jumping can be a very stimulating and healthy exercise. The actions, when done in conjunction with other exercises can strengthen the knee and hip joints as well. The spot jump also increases the heart rate and breathing, thus making it a good cardio-vascular exercise even at home with the pleasure of watching television. This is why so many of the people that is into hard-core training spot jumping. Boxers, football players and wrestlers routinely use the exercise. The spot jumping also helps with agility, speed and endurance.

Its fun:
The spot jumping is also fun. It would be great if every one can teach children that they can still play together even though they are maturing. Spot jumping can help to reduce fats very fast and the best part is it can be done at home while watching television. It is one of the simplest and best remedies to reduce fat without much struggle. Although it looks easy, jumping rope delivers a serious workout, elevating your heart rate and working your muscles at an intensity that rivals running. Ten minutes of spot jumping can deliver the same benefits as a thirty-minute run. In addition, spot jumping improves the coordination and agility. With a little practice, one can jump like an expert. And after just a few sessions, one will find the spot jumping routine has taught to move more easily and perform better in other sports and in everyday activities like walking, jogging, even waltzing. Boxers use spot jumping to train because it helps them stay light on their feet like dancing.

Needs less time:
The ten-minute spot jump workout has shown here is the perfect complement to any other fitness regimen one may be doing. It is also a good starting point for anyone who's doing no exercise at all due to busy schedule or someone who is in an exercise rut. One can use it to get a quick cardiovascular workout on days not going to the gym because of the favorite TV show and still work out.

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