Sports-themed Bachelor Parties

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Many grooms and their groomsmen cling to the old idea of a traditional bachelor party, complete with lots of booze and – no doubt – a scantily clad stripper who, with much fanfare, pops out of a cake somewhere between the 5th and 6th round of drinks, tempting the groom to do something that might otherwise jeopardize his wedding day.

However, these days, some groomsmen are seeing things in a slightly different light and organizing a bachelor party that’s a little less raunchy yet still equally as much fun, especially for those who don’t tend towards raucous celebrations.

Sports-themed bachelor parties have become quite popular and can easily involve not only the groomsmen but a large number of male friends as well. There are a number of options, but which you choose may largely depend on the groom’s sports preferences, the time of year, and your geographical location.

For those in a cold, wintry climate, ski partiesare lots of fun. Choose a favorite resort, book a few rooms, and spend the two or three days prior to the wedding on the slopes. Even if there are groomsmen who don’t ski, there are usually plenty of other things to do at ski lodges, including skating, sledding, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. The lodge itself is a great place to enjoy drinks by the fire and small banquet rooms are usually available for a “last night as a bachelor” party.

If you’re in a warmer climate, consider a golf outing followed by a party in the clubhouse. (If you’re planning on a country club party, it helps to know a member.) Or how about a baseball game? You can attend a major league game or organize your own at a local field. Follow the game with a pizza and beer party. (You can still include the stripper after the game if you’d like!)

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