Space saving plastic hangers

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When I moved recently, I was able to clean my wardrobe. This included giving up clothes that were too small or never wear. The release of the closet space needed this seems a good way to do it. The shift also included limiting my hangers. When I threw all the broken pegs that occupied space in my wardrobe and changed to a few hangers providing space I recently received as a gift, I could not believe how much space was now available in my wardrobe.

Needless to say, I ran into the store and bought a lot of clothes space, plastic hangers saved. Only after careful examination did I begin to understand how space saver hangers actually save space.

First, the space-saving suspension is much thinner than just a regular hanger. It is also flat and light. When placed next to the standard plastic hanger, the suspension was providing clear space about one-third of the thickness. I did the math and soon realized that using the hangers provided only space in my wardrobe could save a third of the space. This means I can get the clothes of the boxes that have been detained and bring them back to my wardrobe. This is exactly what I did, and since then I have enjoyed more closet space and a much more organized and tidy wardrobe with all matching hangers.

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