Some Interesting Topic Ideas For English Essay

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Essay is an effective tool to enhance one’s creative analytical skills around a certain topic, teachers when want to know an ability of the students to logically analyze a particular subject they assigned them to write essays and the most common option for the teachers is english essays. Clever teachers’ uses the English essay to check the student’s ability to see it from different perspective as it is quite a broad topic.

There are many ways you can discuss the English in english essay writing, here are few English essay topic for you to get an idea on how many ways you can write your free english essay.

Topic ideas for English essays

Basics of learning of English language

How can you learn English language if you don’t want to go the English learning courses? Tell the readers; how could they learn this language on their own. Like there are many software that you can buy online which can help you learn speaking English, watching movies and listening to radio can also improve English language.

Origin of English language:

Tell the readers what do you know about the history of English language, what is the origin? Did it originate from Britain or somewhere else? Like, English originated from Anglo Frisian Dialects which was then brought to the Britain by the German invaders. Further tell them about the proto- English and old English patterns and compare them with the contemporary English.

Legendary English poets:

The culture of English literature is quite rich where you would find countless legends that are credited for writing remarkable poems like William Wordsworth, William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, and Robert Bridges etc. You can search for them over the internet to get information on their writing patterns.

English literature essay:

There is so much that you can write on English literature, for there is so much written in it. You can either write on literature classics or compare them with the contemporary ones or on the reasons why student should study English literature where you would tell the readers that one should study English literature for you should know what your literature culture is.

Difference between American and British English:

You will find totally different English in Britain from America, you could incorporate, if you will search for the differences between American and British English, you would find countless information on it. Also you can write about what are the causes for such a big difference in the language accent between American and British.

Hence, we have provided you with enough information about the recommended english essay topics so that you don’t find any difficulty in writing English essays. English essays won’t be a problem if you know how to develop good titles for it that forces a reader to keep on reading the rest of the essay on English. Final words of advice are to also use your own creative writing skill to develop ideas that can be effectively incorporated in your English essay which will help you pass your essay exams with flying colors


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