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CCTV or Closed Circuit Television Camera might not be the perfect tool for deterring crimes, but it is the silent witnesses to many successful prosecutions. Ever since it first came out in the market, many establishments like bank, shopping malls, schools, crime infested neighborhoods even homes have started to patronized this unwavering witness, adding it for added security and for monitoring purposes. It used be that this particular electronic device costs an arm and a leg to buy and install, but now, thanks to the unstoppable forward lurch of technology, the cost of installation and acquisition has gone done dramatically, making it affordable to most common consumer looking for a way to safeguard their homes against possible threat of theft and crime.

So if you are planning to buy and install a CCTV camera somewhere in your home, here are some of the finest, most durable, dependable models out there.

DPRO-AS700 Vandal Dome Camera,600 TVL color

This camera is can be used either indoor or outdoor because it is weatherproof. It is equipped with 24 pieces Infra red LEDs that are image sharp up to 90 feet. It has a high resolution and wide dynamic range. It comes with three prong type mounting for a really secured fix. It can be mounted on walls or ceiling. Its infrared Lens means they can still transmit sharp image with low or even zero light visibility. It comes with dual volt options. At $289.99, it is generally in the moderately priced category.

DPRO – 9620 VFW Dome IR Camera

This one is made by Sony, and is specifically tailor made for indoor functions only. It has 24 Infra red LEDs capable of delivering crisp and sharp images up to 90 feet. It comes equipped with high resolution 580TVL color and 700 TVL black and white. It has varifocal Iris lens. It can be mounted on walls and ceiling, its infrared lens can detect images with low or zero light visibility. It has a wide dynamic range and white camera base. At $189.99, it’s practically a steal.

Zavio F3206 HD IP Wireless, 2 Megapixel , 1920 x 1080

This is one serious CCTV, it features a progressive scan 2 Megapixel CMOS sensor, JPEG, MPEG-4 and 2GPP video stream capability. It is iPhone and iPad compatible, with free iCamViewer Apps, remote view from Mac computer, remote view from Windows computer. It also packs a two-way audio with  built in microphone and audio detection. It comes with extra features and accessories.

A CCTV security camera is a good investment for home or work protection. 

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