Slice and Convert your PSD to HTML for a better Business Website

  Adam Parker    May 29, 2012    792


In the world of website design and development, PSD to HTML conversion has proved to be the most trusted and preferred method. This is one of the biggest blessings for those website owners who want to obtain a completely error free and well structured website. In today’s competitive era, majority of online merchants are picking PSD to CSS/ HTML conversion method in order to obtain highly dynamic and web compatible web pages which was not possible before the emergence of such procedure. It has proven to be one of the best ways to generate more traffic, increase ROI and enhance profits.

First and foremost, PSD to HTML conversion is really essential for an online business as without this approach we cannot imagine to launch a website in a web browser. PSD files are nothing but Photoshop design files. Photoshop is an excellent tool that gives you immense liberty and creative scope to design the look of your website suiting your specific business needs. If you wish, you can hire a Photoshop designer who is capable enough to provide unique and attractive design that will attract to the internet users at large. However, PSD design files are static and bulky, and are not web compatible. Moreover, these files do not offer user interaction and functionalities. When you convert PSD to HTML, you get a site that is web compatible, logical and visually appealing.

PSD to HTML conversion is quite complex and requires excellent programming knowledge. PSD slicing is the most critical and important step of entire process. Slicing is must to build the web page functional and browser compatible. The main purpose of slicing is chopping off a PSD file into multiple fragments like header division, footer division, etc. so that each division could be coded into the appropriate markup. It should be done correctly in order to achieve desired success on World Wide Web. Due to incorrect or improper slicing, your website will be failed to install the web pages in any browsers and you will lose lots of customers. During the process of PSD slicing, check the compatibility of converted files in all major browsers without fail. It will ensure a cross browser compatible website and enhance the visibility of your website. And then, you can avoid losing the customers and future buyers that visit your website.

As PSD slicing and conversion is not a cup of tea, so it is better to hire a professional who is highly skilled and qualified. Only an experienced web designer can efficiently execute this process. When you rely of skilled web developer, you can cash maximum benefits offered by this conversion. Cross browser compatibility, W3C validation, and semantic coding are some of those beneficial features that are essential for the better functionality of a website.

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