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Health is determined by the sleep pattern of the body. Inside our body there is a biological clock that influences activity of every single cell of the body. If the body clock is changed adversely then it has very adverse effect on our body. Hormone level, blood sugar, metabolic rates, body temperature, immune function and heart are among few things that depend on internal clock of the body. Poor sleeping patterns have got direct influence on the length and quality of the life. If poor sleeping pattern is being followed it will make concentration weak, ability to work efficiently,
Causes bad mood, a research shows that drowsiness causes more accidents as compared to drinking while driving. Inadequate sleep also causes depression, nerve pain known as neuralgia it makes more prone to chronic diseases like breast, prostate cancer.

Reasons that hampers the sleep patterns:

1. Following improper diet causes sleep problems. Sleeping just after taking meal makes stomach heavy and one feel uncomfortable to sleep. Intake of too much of caffeine and alcohol just before sleeping makes one awake for longer period of time. Nutrious diet should be followed with lots of green vegetables and fruits to fulfill the needs of the body and sleep better during night.
2. Uncomfortable and bad quality mattresses and pillows make sleep uncomfortable. Hard mattresses and fat pillows make to sleep uncomfortable.
3. Loud noises and lights during night makes uncomfortable. Some noises are familiar, but unfamiliar noises are nuisance for the sleep.
4. If bedroom is not comfortable to sleep then this also creates problem, if there is television, computer, work material at the place of sleeping, it distracts sleep a lot. Even a watch in the bedroom can create problem in sleeping as it creates tension.
5. If the person is stressed out and has some tension can also form a reason to create sleepless night.

Remedies for good sleep pattern:

1. Follow a healthy routine life by following healthy diet and exercing well.
2. Avoid too much intake of caffeine and alcohol.
3. Make bedroom comfortable to sleep.

Sleep patterns of different age group:
Children below the age of three sleep for about 12 to 15 hours. This time reduces as the age increases. Old aged people sleep for very less time for about 4 to 5 hours depending upon their health.

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