Should You Revamp Your Sports Logo In This World Cup Season?

  Tam Becker    January 25, 2012    789


World cup fever in on!

My eyes swell for I am spending hours and hours in front of my television. It's the love of cricket that provokes me to watch cricket 24/7. I am inclined towards this game so much so that my eyes now swell.

This is what every cricket lover is going through. I am addicted to the constant exposure of various teams playing hard to get their piece of cake. Heroic play with perfect professional representation attracts audience like anything including me. Here, custom sports logos plays a chief role.

This season, many of the cricket teams have revamped their brand mark identities so as to render a new and refreshing outlook to them. The new world cup 2011 logo is an interesting brand mark which can be analyzed from many angles.

World cup is held after every four years by ICC (International cricket council) where countries from all around the world compete with each other to win final trophy. The location for the matches changes every year and so does its brand mark identity. It can be considered as one of the most creative and amazing corporate identities of the world which injects enthusiasm in all the teams of the world.

Let's now shed light on what this new brand mark is really made of?

Its an abstract logo type which cannot be easily understood in the first glimpse. The brand mark is in the shape of a multi colored cricket ball. It represents the best aspects of the cricket in sub continent that is the colors, multi culture and movements.

The green color depicts one-day cricket ball, the ground and the pitch while the player seems to surround it in the colors of blue, yellow and orange. Use of multi color shows how fans, festivals and movements are preferred in sub continent. This is what this season's world cup brand mark is all about.

Revamping is very important when you want to give a new touch to your brand marks even if its one of your best sports logos designs. The way world cup revamps the overall style of its council, other boards should also take the redesigning option very seriously.

Sports is not only limited to cricket. Other games like soccer, football, tennis etc. are played worldwide with the same enthusiasm and spirit. This is why; they get their brand marks redesigned every time they have a huge tournament around the corner. You will be amazed to know that various players often get their brand mark as well for the purpose of self promotion and marketing which helps a lot.

Therefore, if you have an academy, if you are a player or if you are connected with sports in any ways you can think over getting a new look for your corporate identity for it will present you in a refreshing way to your target market.

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