Seed of life – The seven days of creation

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Seed of life – The seven days of creation

The Seed of Life is the name given to a geometrical figure that is composed of seven circles that are placed evenly, overlapping one another is a way that a beautiful and symmetrical pattern of circles & lenses is formed. This figure forms the basis of the famous ‘Flower of Life’, the sacred pattern or figure that has been revered since ages by all cultures across the world.

Seed of Life is considered a symbolic representation of the creation of life by the Judeo-Christian God and depicts the 7 days of creation. The foundation of the figure is a circle, which is the Octahedron that was built by the divine creator, God. The next step was the spinning of this Octahedron or circle on its axis to form a sphere. This sphere engulfs all that exists physically and the creator’s entire consciousness is believed to be contained within the sphere. From here on begins the creation of life.

The first day of creation has the creator’s consciousness expanding by venturing beyond the sphere’s edge and creating another sphere. Spinning a second Octahedron to form a sphere on the first sphere’s surface gives us an image of two circles that intersect each other through the centers. This figure is known as Vesica Piscis, a symbol that has been accorded mystical meanings. The ancients associated it with religion & spirituality and the symbol can be seen at several scared sites all over the world. It symbolizes a fusion of opposites, a passage through the polarities that are apparent in the world. The forming of the second sphere is actually believed to be creation of Light by the divine maker by sending out a particle of light or photon. The Vesica Piscis pattern is a geometric formula symbolizing the electromagnetic spectrum.

The second day marks the creation of the Tripod of Life or the Triquetra. Here, a third circle gets added to the Vesica Piscis and this circle’s center is where the earlier two circles’ circumferences intersect. This pattern is also called the Borromean rings and is a sacred symbol that symbolizes the Christian Trinity of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. It also indicates the creation of the foundational realms of Earth, heavens and seas.

This progression continues with the addition of one circle/sphere on every day until seven circles are evenly placed to form the Seed of Life. Thus, the 3rd day results in four intersecting circles, 4th day has five circles, 5th day ends with six circles, and the 6th day results in seven circles.

The process ends on the 7th day. This is the ‘Shabbat’ or ‘Sabbath’, the day of rest that has come after finishing the work of creation and bringing order to chaos.

The 7-day creation process seems like division of the cells of a fertilized egg that goes on until seven cells (circles) overlap one another and create a flower-shaped pattern. This pattern is called Seed of Life, the symbol of fertility and creation. It is a blue print of the cosmos/universe, the primary building block that has created everything that exists.


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