Save your 6-month-old Smartphone with Latest launched Mobile Details

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Say it is only about six months since you have purchased your last mobile phone and you are already dissatisfied. Not because your almost new phone is not functioning, but because it is already six months old. So you start envying your colleague who has just purchased the new iPhone 7 Plus (say) and brags about all that latest launched mobile details insisting why he bought the ‘Plus’ trim. That is when you wish how you could get rid of yours.

So your next plan is to dispose of your prehistoric six month’s old a-bit-less-smart phone and get hold of a new one. There may be two ways to achieve your goal:

Wait for an auspicious day, one when you are supposed to be delivering goodies (Read Gift) to your near and dear ones. Wrap that up in the shiniest wrapper and wave it goodbye. Two mighty birds’ shotgunned in a single pebble.

LOSE it.

Although first option sounds more feasible, you will personally like the second one. Your 8 MP camera is a disaster now. The screen is sloshed with your fingerprints while you have been typing long emails. You suddenly feel that your smartphone is in a state of comatose. 

5 Reasons to lose your Smartphone:

Here are five reasons which suggest why you should consider losing your six-month-old Smartphone and getting a new one: 

Tired of the color of your Phone? Your existing smartphone is black but your colleague’s phone is a peppy green. Most of the smartphones launching recently come with hosts of colors but yours is simply dull black. Looks do matter.   

There’s a new Update already, and you are unwilling to go through the process. The application that provides upcoming gadgets information on Google Store has notified you about a new update. But it’s a tedious process, as you know, so you would be better off if you upgrade to a smarter phone than going through the updates every time. 

Your colleague’s phone look more tempting than yours in it that it's loaded with 64GB of internal memory while yours have a meager 4GB. So you are missing out on storing more of your personal data and music. Plus, newer updates take huge spaces so it’s about time you finally decide on updating your plan to change your phone. 

You missed reviewing websites that provide to the point gadgets reviews before you purchased your last smartphone. So you did not pay heed to latest launched mobile details and neither did you even know that you could have bought one with healthier specifications than the current one. You need to check online for different websites which provide upcoming gadgets information. 

Most of the new games just won’t run in your old phone. So you are missing out the fun. Your 1GB memory is no match for the newer smartphones installed with 2 or more GBs. Most of the games installed lag after you have been playing it for some time. So you need to ensure that your new phone do not get heated up only after 10 minutes of play.  

Solution? Look for the latest launched Mobile details online in one of the authentic websites and carefully compare your shortlisted phones. You should be careful enough to look for ones that provide to the point gadgets reviews.

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