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One of the lesser-known options when it comes to internet service providers is satellite internet. Generally, satellite Internet is not looked at as an option when choosing an internet connection. The majority of the business satellite Internet providers see is in the rural regions and outlying areas. Satellite internet is available everywhere in the 48 contiguous states, depending on the dish's view of the sky and as long as you have a clear line of sight to the satellite's position. This is very different from wireless internet, which requires close proximity to a tower. On the other hand, DSL requires a phone line, but is also distance limited to 15,000 feet from the central office after which service is too poor to use.

This leaves many with using dial-up internet and no real broadband options. Satellite internet offers DSL Class broadband options. This means that the speeds available are the same as most DSL providers offer and they can range from 512 KB to 12 MB down speeds with a few services offering up to 12 MB or greater. Some services offer business class services at higher pricing with speeds up to 5.0 MB. The prices for these services tend to be higher than DSL and Cable services. There are also equipment requirements that add to the monthly cost if a leasing option is used. The only disadvantage is that under certain weather conditions, speed can be affected or connection lost in rare instances.

There are several companies offering Satellite Internet, and due to the nature of the technology, they are all generally available in all areas, although satellite position may result in some limitations. Monthly service prices range from $39 to $299 per month, or more, and equipment leasing will add to that cost. Equipment will not be compatible with other internet service providers making the leasing option the most popular with monthly fees around $10 to $15 depending on which company is chosen.

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