Sandstone Fountains

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There are many types of fountains available in the market. The fountains are not only found in public gardens but also in homes and offices. The soothing sound of waterfall helps to focus the mind and bring the tranquility of a mountain stream into any room whether in the home or office. People who believe in the feng shui way of interior decoration install the indoor waterfalls and fountains. There are different types of fountains available for tabletop, floor, and garden fountains. The fountains are made of materials like, copper, concrete, ceramic, fiberglass, glass, stone, and so on.

Something about Sandstone Fountains

Sandstone fountain is a structure, that is very decorative, from which a jet of water sprays. The sandstone fountains are available in contemporary and traditional styles. There are various designs such as fairies, cherubs, lions, and many fantasy characters are chiseled out of sandstone.

Sandstone Outdoor Fountains

The Sandstone garden and patio fountain add a signature and at the same time lends an ornamental look to the home or office. Outdoor fountains water garden fountains are unique accessories that would complement any outdoor setting. The intricately carved fountains are available for estate gardens and for small gardens.

Sandstone Wall Fountain

Sandstone wall fountains are the expressions of artistic talents of the skilled craftsmen. They are available in a wide array of styles and designs that include both traditional and contemporary patterns. They are made of natural sandstone and are available in many popular colors like pink, Jaisalmer yellow, Agra Red, Dholpur Beige and so on. The sandstone wall fountains are easy to install and would add charm to the wall and the room in which it is installed.

Sandstone Indoor Fountain

Sandstone indoor fountains add beauty to the room and provide the gentle sounds of flowing water within the precincts of the home and office. Highly ornate, the indoor sandstone fountains are popular items of beautification that bring the liveliness of flowing water right inside the house and office. Sandstone fountains are made out of different varieties of sandstone such as Dholpur Beige, Bansi Paharpur Pink, Karauli Red, or Agra Red & Jaisalmer Yellow.
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