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Today people mostly prefer to use LCD displays than traditional CRT monitors. Moreover, DLP projection TVs and plasma TVs are popular types of TV technologies that are available in market. All these latest technologies guarantee you excellent flexibility and crystal clear picture. Even they are only a few inches thick, LCD, DLP and plasma displays, are still available in wider screen sizes. Today these TV technologies can help you get the best of the 21st century entertainment ventures.

All these new technologies are quite similar to each other when it comes to their features, yet they work on different display mechanisms. LCD, DLP and plasma displays are lightweight, flat screened and can be hung anywhere. But when it comes to picture quality, there is a wide difference between these three. LCD, ie. liquid crystal display screen is manufactured by sandwiching liquid crystals between two thin glass plates. An electric charge, when passed through this liquid crystal sandwich, these liquid crystals, lights up in various colors and produce excellent quality images. On the other hand, in plasma screens, well arranged tiny gas filled cells, are heated by electric charge to produce high quality images.

Apart from these two technologies, DLP TV uses three types of technologies. You can look for one chip, two chip and three chip DLP television sets. Hence many companies install DLPs in their conference room. DLP TVs are well known for their high quality pictures and richness. But the fact is that DLPs are quite costlier than LCDs and plasmas. Therefore, installing a DLP in a house is likely to put extra burden on your pocket as the maintenance cost of DLP is much higher compared with LCDs and plasmas. That is why; LCD or plasma screens can be the best choice for your for offices or homes. If you are worried about sizes, then you will be happy to know that LCDs and plasmas come in large screen sizes as well. So you can easily turn your house into a small home theatre.

Once you install new age TV in your house, the next immediate thing is you should find a reputed repairing center nearby your house. You can find that through internet also. There are number of services on internet that offers TV repairing services. The most important in a TV is display lamp. And to maintain the picture quality, the damaged lamp should get replaced by the original one. For that there is no need to call an electrician from other city. Suppose you live in San Diego, then from internet just find out nearby repairing center and call them up for your TV. You can also order damaged lamp online for your DLP or LCD TV. is one of the largest providers of replacement parts for all LCD and DLP TV lamps.

Here on you can also look for other important parts for your TV, like TV remote control, power supply kit etc. Discount Merchant has provides a list that covers different products of various brands. That is why; whichever TV brand you have you will easily be able to find the right replacement parts and that too at reasonable prices.
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