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Fertility of the individual in a society decides upon the propagation of the society. Infertility is a serious disease creeping in the healthy married life of many of the couples. It has not only ruined the physical health but the mental health of many of the people suffering from it. One must be very mush aware of the nuances of the human reproduction. The complications arising during the time of the conception and the factors causing the infertility must be known to the people. But with the advent of the science and technology this is a manageable ailment. The medical science has brought several equipments that have been greatly instrumental in addressing the problems of fertility. These equipments generally used by the medical experts but with the functioning becoming easier the common man can also use these equipments today.

Working principle

This test is generally used on the woman nearing ovulation. It is a test to find out the time of the ovulation of a woman. Through scientific research it is found that the dried saliva of a person takes a fern like pattern. This is due to the fact that before the period of ovulation the secretion of estrogen and salt increases in the body. Thus the saliva containing traces of these components appears to be fern like after it is dried prior to 3 to 4 days of the ovulation.

How it works

The saliva tester is equipment very easy to handle. There is a lens present in the instrument. The lens is generally attached to a microscope. One has to spit on the lens for the testing of the saliva. The saliva then should be dried off on the lens of the tester. After the saliva gets dried off then it must be observed under the microscope. The pattern of the saliva must be checked with the standard pattern given on the manual of the tester. If the pattern matches with the given pattern then it must be anticipated that ovulation is on the cards in a span of three to four days.

The usage of these instruments must be done very carefully. They must be properly checked for the quality before use.

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