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The finance department of every company has great responsibilities on it. Its functioning directly indicates towards the growth of the company and even a slightest of slight glitch can cause serious troubles for the company. Thanks to the 21st century and advancement in the field of science and technology that now-a-days various software are used for the purpose of accounting. Due to these computerized functioning of finance department the risk of human error has come close to zero (unless it is a syntax error). One of these software, which are used for accounting, is Sage 50 Accounts Plus. It is used by thousands of business units all over the world. The reason for its such a worldwide popularity are mentioned below- 
 1. User friendliness: One of the major reasons why Sage 50 Accounts Plus has become so popular is that it is very easy to use. The software can be used by a layman with basic knowledge of computer handling. The interface between the user and the application is undoubtedly very effective. The software can be very easily set up. Installing the program is not a matter of headache unlike other software.
2. Availability of online training: Another major reason accounting for the popularity of Sage 50 Accounts Plus is that there exists a Sage online training course which educates people for using the software efficiently. This course is pursued by millions of students around the world, every year. The course trains a pursuer and thereby increases his/her chances of getting a job into the finance department of any organization.
3. Excellent customer support: Sage is a big brand known for its excellent customer support. The service is no different for Sage 50 Accounts Plus. The excellent customer support provided by the company not only satisfies the users but also leads to brand loyalty. Word of mouths does wonders for everyone. This is also considered as one of the major reasons why Sage 50 Accounts Plus is so popular all over the world. 4. High level of efficiency: Apart from user friendliness, availability of online training and excellent customer support one thing that holds for its popularity by far, is its efficiency. The software is considered as ideal for small to mid-sized enterprises. One can perform multiple financial tasks such as tracking the cash flow, creating quotations, managing VAT and much more. And all that happens very accurately and effectively.
5. On the move facility: A great advantage, that Sage 50 Accounts Plus offers to the users, of using the software on the move has also helped in its popularity spur. People can use the software on the move means they can use it from portable media like cellphones, tablets, etc. This is a great advantage offered by this software which makes it stand out amongst the crowd of competitors. One can also pursue the Sage elearning Training, on the move. All the reasons mentioned above account for the massive popularity of Sage 50 Accounts Plus software. There are several other reasons that too account for the same, which we shall discuss in the next article. For now, if you have enjoyed reading this article or even if you have made some good use of it, then do “like” the article
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