Reasons for the popularity of language interpretation services

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Good translation services must take into account the nuances of both the languages (both the language that is being translated and the language into which it is being translated). These include grammar, syntax, cultural specificities and so on.

Types of Interpretation

While translation and interpretation may seem to be the same, there are important differences. Interpretation means translation and localization of one language into another. Translation and localization may be needed in the following areas. They are:

  • Judicial services: In law courts, translation of one language into another is often required due to the language gap that exists between the lawyers and the person who is being prosecuted. Further, it requires the knowledge of the existing legal terms, as without it much of what the judge is saying would not be making sense to the accused.

  • Escort services: Business and political delegates of one country visiting another country require escort services. An escort is supposed to understand the languages of both the countries. He or she needs to get the nuances of one language translated into another.

  • Transcription services: Transcription services include translating one language from its oral form into another language in the written form. Further, it may involve translation from one form into another of the same language.

There are several benefits of language interpretation services. People who are involved in legal and judicial matters require interpretation services. Further business conclaves, international seminars and trans-national political conferences and meetings do require interpretation services. Transcription is mainly required in courts. Further films in foreign languages require voice-over and subtitling services.

Professional translation services

Thankfully, there are professional institutes and service-providers that provide services of translation, transcription and interpretation. These professional institutes have language experts who can provide such services. CHL is one such service provider. It is one of the leading language interpretation service providers in Delhi. But one must ask, what makes CHL the leading language interpretation service provider in Delhi.

Globalization is constantly opening up new opportunities for businesses. However, language and cultural barriers may still pose problems for them. CHL Localization, a division of Crystal Hues Limited, can help in this regard by providing cutting-edge translation and localization services to enterprises. They are a LMM Level-5 (Localization Maturity Model) localization company, verified and validated by Dun & Bradstreet, GALA ( and a host of leading trade and commerce organizations from across the world. Established in 1989 and incorporated as a public limited company in 1995, they have offices in Asia and USA. They are staffed with project managers, language professionals, in-house domain experts and quality-verified, contracted consultants worldwide. Their in-house, professional content-writers and translators are native and proficient in most of the spoken languages of the world and have been providing high-quality translation and localization services to a number of international clients.

Clients can choose from some of their most favoured language interpretation services. They include:

  • Translation: It involves translation of any text from one language into another.

  • Localization: translating and incorporating all the cultural nuances, so that a product is fit for a regional market, are called localization.

  • DTP publishing: It involves publishing for the print mainly using layout software such as Adobe, Indesign, Corel Draw and so on.

  • Voice-over and Subtitling: these services are mainly used in films.

  • Website creation: It is currently perhaps the most important part of online promotion. It is certainly also an important part of language interpretation services.

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