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A serviced office is a ready for occupation workspace that is fully fitted and furnished. This concept is rapidly growing in popularity in India, due to the various conveniences it affords the lessee at very cost effective rates. In today’s real estate scenario in the country a serviced office is a viable option for any size of company at almost any stage of its operation.

 A suitable office address is a reflection of the company’s image, and reputation. A premium address with very professional response mechanisms is a definite boost for any business. However, getting a premium address and professional response mechanisms in place is both costly and difficult if one goes about it in the conventional way of buying/ renting space, fitting it out, setting up, recruiting and training a team. Add to this the fact that all these activities are non-business producing and detract from the energy and attention that the core business needs and the proposition becomes expensive indeed. With serviced office environment, these hassles are taken care of and you are mentally free to run your business as soon as you set foot in the new office. You benefit from all the advantages of having a premium and professional set up at a much lower cost.

 What is so unique about serviced offices and how will it benefit people who go in for such office spaces?

 A serviced office space offers numerous benefits that a traditional office may not. Serviced offices match the office requirements and standards of global companies and offer great value in terms of immediacy, flexibility, location and costs. The uniqueness of this concept lies in the fact that one can move in and start work within 24 hours without getting into the bothersome task of drawing an elaborate rent/lease agreement or running heavy set up costs and looking for administrative and support staff.

 With Indian economy poised for greater growth in the coming years, the possibility of more and more companies opting for serviced offices is high. The biggest benefit of this concept is the flexibility it offers. A company opting for serviced office space can use the facility for 2 years or three months or for a short duration of just a month depending upon their need and requirement. Without doubt, serviced office becomes a cost effective option as it frees up a lot of capital for companies to invest back into their businesses and also focus on their core businesses and not worry about managing and maintaining their office spaces on a daily basis.

 Location is key to many businesses; however prime real estate can be costly. Having a serviced office reduces the expense, meaning a company can enjoy the perfect location without creating a dent in their budget. An ideal office location may bring customers closer to you and reduce traveling cost. A suitable office address that is centrally located is known to boost the morale of your employees as it allows easy commute thereby making them feel slightly stress free and helps them work efficiently.

 Seeing is believing. Imperial Servcorp adheres to this maxim as we believe that our potential clients have to see our serviced office space before signing on the dotted line. One can take a tour at a location of their convenience by completing the online form or contacting their location manager. A virtual tour of the office is also a possibility by clicking on the option on our website. Once satisfied with the office location and facilities provided, Imperial Servcorp team will get the office space operational in as little as 24 hours.

 Another unique service developed by us is Servcorp online. It’s a web based, user friendly means to book boardrooms and meeting rooms online and in real time - for any location worldwide It also allows you to control and change the way your calls are answered and transferred. Servcorp has built this exclusive online platform which allows you to choose the Servcorp services you need and manage your business seamlessly, anywhere, anytime. Servcorp Online puts you in control of your business. There are no hidden costs. A monthly virtual office membership fee is the only fixed cost their clients have to pay.

 We ensure sure that the workspace we provide is fully furnished with modern, high quality items. Our centresare tastefully done and air-conditioned throughout and can be let on flexible terms to suit their client’s requirements. Many helpful on site facilities are provided at the centre, , including board rooms, audio video projection and conferencing facilities, meeting rooms, car parking, staffed reception area, and more. At Imperial Servcorp you get the facilities, services and infrastructure of a multinational corporation for less than the cost of a secretary. As a Serviced Office client you have two fixed costs: Office rental and Communication rental

 Who will it benefit?

 Establishing a temporary office, or a new office, for small or a large team can be a very expensive affair. A serviced office offers the ideal business environment and the right space for companies of all sizes - whether a big multinational that requires a full floor or a start up with a small office requirement. Any business will try and cut costs- as long as this cost-cutting is viable and does not imperil the integrity and reputation of the business. Whether a small company wanting to establish in a competitive environment, or an experienced business looking to expand, a serviced office space is likely to become the preferred choice in India for SME, MNCs, Startups or even entrepreneurs. They offer low overheads, speedy set up and great networking opportunities allowing you to get working instantly.

 Serviced offices are a smart alternative for companies of all sizes. Although the term “serviced office” may sound like an expensive service, the inherent advantages make this type of office space a cost effective one!

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