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Weeding is an inherent process that is related with lawn maintenance and growing. From the concern of lawns a weed is any plant that does not blend well with the grass. Its appearance is somewhat like a sore thumb in a green carpet of lawns. Specifically a newly grown lawn can have many weeds unless the process of soil sterilization was not done properly. Weeds are found to arise from the dormant seeds that are present in almost all the types of soils. Fortunately some of the types of weeds not all of them are found to disappear in time as the grass crowds them out or because they cannot persist under regular mowing. Certain other types of weeds can easily be controlled through the regular use of modern weed killers and controllers. Hence the situation is actually not that alarming as it may appear at the first glance.

About the weed killers:

Control of weeds through the use of weed killers is generally quite effective. For more better results a little information about the kind of the weeds and their location is essential. It is seen that weeds are more susceptible to the chemical types weed controllers. This type is generally used whenever the growths of the weeds are found to be vigorous that usually implies that the weather is warm and there is ample amount moisture. In the case of the broad-leaved weeds the best time to go after them is spring and autumn. The chances of injuring the lawn grass are less if a weed killer is applied during those extra hot days.

Precaution about the lawn chemicals:

With rapid changes in the atmosphere of the earth the perspective on the use of toxic lawn chemicals and their potential hazards to the children, families, neighbors, wildlife and the drinking water sources are also changing. In the recent years there has been a considerable steady rise on the public concern over the potential hazards that are associated with the use chemical lawn care products. Hence it is always ideal to first decide over the fact if there is a real need of those nasty chemicals for the lawns prior to application.

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