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Human beings have some basic, fundamental requirements that cannot be done without. Eating, breathing, sleeping are some of these things. No human can go without food after a certain point of time. The same goes for sleep; it cannot be avoided after some time. As for breathing, well, you know how important and indispensible that it is.

One more thing that you can add to this list is using the toilet. All living beings on this planet need to excrete waste materials from their body. And as humans, a more evolved species, we make use of toilets for this purpose. As civilization has developed, more and more people have become educated and knowledgeable about the importance of hygiene and the need of proper sanitation facilities.

A Greater Need
Nowadays, every household has a separate toilet for use by its inhabitants. Although this is a big step towards personal and public hygiene practices, there is still one question that arises. How to arrange for outdoor sanitation facilities?

These days, a lot of public events and programs take place in the outdoors. A few examples of this are marathons and flea markets. The outdoor venues mean that there are, at times, no toilet facilities available for visitors. This creates a problem. There is, however, a great solution to this problem in the form of portable restrooms.

A portable restroom is basically a toilet on wheels. It can be brought to the venue before the event and taken back at the end of the day. Many companies offer portable toilets on rent for various kinds of outdoor occasions.

Renting Portable Toilets
Companies like 3sIndia have Portable Restroom Rentals for outdoor sanitation facilities. It has a variety of portable loo models that can be chosen from according to the requirements and specific needs. Their portable restrooms are Polyethylene made, 100% eco-friendly, recyclable, and environmentally safe sanitation solutions. The company offers the following models.

Mobiloo Standard Restroom
This variant has three four models. They are as follows.

  • Mobiloo Standard Restroom

This model is easy to assemble and dismantle, has a considerably long life and is resilient to heavy and frequent use. Also, its minimalistic design proves to be convenient and cost-efficient with regards to spare parts.

  • Spartan – Indian Squat Restroom

This portable restroom is built in the traditional Indian style. It comes with an anti-skid flooring and is optimum for larger events.

  • Gofresh

This is a Western style loo that comes with a hand basin inside. It is convenient for formal, company, urban and small events.

  • Labour Loo

This is a squat style portable loo that comes with a connectable unit.

VIP Solar Elite Restroom
This is one of the premium portable restrooms that 3sIndia gives on rent. It is solar powered and has available lighting inside. Additionally, it has a fresh water flush, self-closing faucet and trash can.

Wheelchair Accessible Restroom
As the name suggests, this portable restroom is a wheelchair accessible unit with a Western style washroom and hand wash.

Johnny’s Box Restroom
This is a ladies only restroom that has a UV protected surface, patented snorkel mechanism, gravity mechanism for flush and hand wash and a hand wash basin.

3sIndia offers portable toilet rentals for a variety of purposes, as well as just for women, differently-abled, large events like the kumbh mela, etc. Companies like these have taken personal and public hygiene to the next level by providing ingenious and innovative sanitation solutions.

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