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Traditional vs. Photojournalistic Wedding Photography
While hiring a photographer for your wedding is most likely a given, selecting a style for your wedding photographs may be a new concept for couples preparing for their big day. Choosing a style of photography that bets suits your personalities and tastes will help you tell the story of your wedding day in the most fitting manner. The two styles you will want to consider are traditional and photojournalistic wedding photography.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography is the most formal type of wedding photography. Traditional wedding photos will take a formal approach to photographing the wedding party in portrait-like poses. This approach to capturing your wedding will take some preplanning to allow enough time for everyone to be photographed around the ceremony and the reception.

The benefit of taking a traditional approach to your wedding photography is that the pictures will be both predictable and repeatable. You can easily capture several shots of the same pose and pick your favorite picture later on. Traditional wedding photography will also give a more formal feeling to your pictures, so if you want to create an heirloom to match older family wedding photos a traditional approach to your wedding pictures will be best.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Photojournalistic wedding photography takes a storybook approach to capturing your wedding. Instead of snapping posed shots, your photographer will act more as a documentary maker, capturing live, unscripted photographs as the events of your wedding unfold. If you are uncomfortable taking traditional pictures, or just want to capture more aspects of your big day than posing for pictures, photojournalistic wedding photography can provide greater latitude of creativity, and spontaneity. Taking a photojournalistic approach to your wedding photography will also require less planning, and allow you some extra room to sit back and just enjoy your wedding day.

You might find that your best option is a combination of traditional and photojournalistic wedding photographs. Maybe having formal portraits of you and your wedding party is something you desire, but you also want to document your big day naturally and unscripted. Find a photographer that has experience with both types of wedding photography and make sure you like their samples of both of these styles. Your wedding photography will be your most important keepsake of your wedding, so taking the time to put some thought into the type of pictures you want to have will be well worth it in years to come.
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