Personalized Wedding Unity Candle.

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If you value classic styles, exceptional quality and sensational service, then you should visit to have a look at some personalized candles of great value. We have a wide variety and exceptional quality of Personalized Wedding Unity Candle. Each candle is printed and polished with hand that results in an heirloom quality-wedding candle. The beauty of the candle, no doubt, will be retained as it passes down from one generation to another. We personalize one candle at a time in a unique way using the process of screen-printing.

The screen printing process is a tedious one that requires high efficiency, skill and patience. But, you will be certainly amazed by the extra ordinary results. The personalization of candle lasts for lifetime and it is not just like a stick-on label that will dry, peal and fall off over time. Our personalized unity candles are affordable, beautiful and customizable. These candles will help you have an heirloom that you can proudly pass on through generations.

You can make years of romantic memories with these Personalized Wedding Unity Candles. These candles are very special and allow you to select your own custom wedding candle design. Unity candles in a number of themes and designs are available from simple designs to ones that are sparkling, fancy and elegant. You can also personalize some of these unity candles with the bride and groom’s name on it and the date of their wedding to add a special touch to it.

Factually, these Personalized Wedding Unity Candles are used at the time of a wedding ceremony to symbolize the two lives that will now join to become one. These personalized unity candle sets are skillfully and carefully crafted for you with a number of designs for you to choose from. Once you get your candle personalized it will become a beautiful keepsake accessory of your wedding day. It can also be used to remember and celebrate your anniversaries.

A Personalized Unity Candle is a perfect accessory for a beach wedding. Delicate seashells can be embedded at the base of the candle and a real starfish may accent the bride and groom’s name and the wedding date. It is a common misconception among people that candles are only round in shape. But, here at you will find candles of different shapes and styles that you might have never seen or thought of before. Here, you will find candles in a variety of designs that are perfect for formal weddings, black-tie weddings, beach weddings, etc.

All the personalized candles are placed on a classic and elegant stand. After the ceremony, this pretty candle can be exhibited in the new couple’s happy home or lit every year to memorize the very special event. These personalized candles are exclusive and a great way to cherish your happy memoires of the past. Get your personalized unity candle booked now.
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