Permanent Eye Color Change – A Reality Now with Laser Surgery!

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The latest technological breakthrough has made it possible to get over those colored contact lenses and go for permanent eye color change. Yes, now, you can go for laser surgery that brings out the shades of blue, gray or green on your iris.

This laser treatment takes just a few seconds to treat your retinal pigment. Besides the quick treatment, you also get to see its result within two weeks of the session and get those translucent blue eyes for the rest of your life.

Working of the surgery

Anatomically, researches have concluded that there is a blue eye behind every brown eye. The only thing that differentiates a blue eye from the brown one is a thin melanin layer which occurs genetically in people.

A laser eye color change procedure only removes this thin layer. It uses laser beams to dissipate the pigmentation and bring out the translucent iris.

Thus, when light enters your eyes after the surgery, it reflects the color of the shortest wavelength, i.e., blue; or sometimes gray or green. You see, it’s not rocket science. The only thing keeping you away from getting a permanent eye color change all this while was this laser technology which is in place now.

Some clinical trials and breakthroughs

In the beginning, a California based company achieved this major feat by targeting the melanin content of eyes with laser beams. It led to successfully breaking them down and uncovering permanently blue eyes with no major side effects on the patients.

Another test resulted in effective pigment removal for two years straight with over 300 patients from 30 countries to count. The treatment center also claims there are no side effects of this laser eye color change procedure.

The beginning of a new era in beauty enhancement

The idea of changing eye color permanently came from the laser treatment procedures. Here, doctors used to remove excess melanin content from the human skin with laser beams.

Researchers tried and tested it, and found the results to be extraordinarily successful and free of side effects. Thus came into practice the laser surgery for permanent eye color change.

The hurdle

A strong reason encircles and binds the widespread usage of laser eye color change procedure. Many skeptics have spread word that it is an extremely harmful procedure and can lead to glaucoma, cataract or complete loss of vision. However, no tests have ever concluded any such effect of this treatment procedure.

Now, you can take an unequivocal decision regarding changing your eye color permanently with all these facts in place. So, don’t wait to be a part of this new change.

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