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Notes of perfumes

Perfumes are a blend of sweet smelling essential oils, odorants, fixatives and solvents devised with a sole aim of offering a pleasing smell. They play a crucial role in the make up of any woman. They are particularly linked with the amorous and bodily aspect of life. Perfumes have three types of sources Plants, Animal and Synthetic. Perfumes are divided into five families Floral, Oriental, Woody, Fougere and Fresh. They comprise of three notes. Top or Head notes are the scents sensed immediately on applying the perfume. They create the first impression and are vital in marketing of the perfume. Citrus and ginger are the usual top notes. After the top note disperses, the middle notes appear. They last from 2 minutes to 1 hour after applying the perfume. Lavender and rose are the usual middle notes. Thirty minutes after applying the perfume, the base notes make their appearance. They bring a depth and strength to the perfume. Musk and vetiver are the typical base notes.

Use of perfumes

Women having dry skin will observe that the fragrance of the perfume remains for less time than those having oily skin. This happens as the oily skin has more moisture to hold the perfume. To enhance the time for which fragrance lasts, it is recommended to use a fragrance bath gel. Then, apply a moisturizer or powder. Use the perfume over the moisturizer. Also the perfume should be applied on the lower part of the body, so that the smell rises up slowly. Additionally, it should be sprayed on the neck and behind the ears. The amount of acidity in the skin decides how the elements of the perfume react with it. Sometimes, the use of perfume may lead to difficulties like skin allergy, asthmatic reactions, imbalance of hormones, irritation and at times even cancer.

Preservation of perfumes

The constituents of perfumes degrade, when not stored properly under the effect of heat, light, oxygen and organic materials. They must be placed away from heat and direct exposure to light. As the quantity of oxygen in the space between the top of the perfume and top of the bottle increases, the perfumes original smell gets changed. Mixing of dust or debris and contact with skin should be avoided. Perfumes should be ideally stored in tight aluminum bottles and at a temperature of 3-7 degrees Celsius.

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